Order package bees and nucleus colonies for spring 2017

The first load of package bees are here and ready for pickup. I will be here till 8:00 Pm and then Saturday morning from 8-12 noon for bees and supplies.  These are all pre-ordered and I have no extras. Questions? call my Cell 860-428-1731.

Book your Package bee and nuc orders now, they are selling fast.

1st package load, ready for pickup by preordered customers.       FRIDAY, APRIL 14TH              

2nd package load,   Expected Friday May 5th. Sold Out

3rd package load, Expected Friday May 19th. NOW BOOKING

  NUCS  I am now booking some more nucs as my bees came through the winter in great shape. I expect these additional nucs to be ready Late May.       $160.00                                               

3 Lb packages are $120.00   5 frame nucs are $160.00

Before ordering any bees, read this page in its entirety. There is a lot of important information that you need to know and by placing an order with us you are agreeing that you have read and understand the terms and conditions.

This will be our 17th year of supplying 3lb packages from Wilbanks Apiaries in Claxton Georgia. These packages contain approximately 10,000 bees and a mated Italian queen and are perfect for stocking any type of beehive available. As in the past we will have 3 loads coming up with the first load expected in mid April and the others in May. I will post the expected dates when we have a better grasp of how the spring is going in March. Due to variable weather conditions in Georgia, the dates of these loads can and usually do change. I will post any changes of dates on this page and will try to email you if the loads are delayed. In any case, you are expected to know which load you are booked on ( the load # is in red at the top right corner of the order form that I send you) and you are also expected to check this page regularly as the time draws near to verify the delivery schedule.

On the day that your bees arrive, I will update this page the moment that the bees are ready to be picked up. These bees are perishable and you will be expected to pick them up on the day that they arrive, before 8:00 PM. If you cant make that time you need to contact me and I will hold them till 5:00 PM the following day, otherwise you will forfeit your bees and the payment. This may sound harsh but I only want customers who are serious about giving bees the proper care that they deserve.

All orders are booked in the order that they are received, I refer to the time and date on your email. When the first load is filled, I will start filling the next load. once again, when I reply I will send the appropriate order form with the load number in the top right corner.

Group orders: Designate one person in the group to be the contact who will do all of the ordering, inquiries and pickup.. This will help eliminate double orders and confusion.

How to order packages? First, have you read and do you understand the terms and conditions above? Next, send me an email to;  orders@azapiaries.com  I will reply with the appropriate form. Read the form completely, fill it out and mail it with a check for full payment to the address on the form. We accept checks or hand delivered cash and we do not take credit cards or PayPal. In any case, the completed form is required to help me keep the orders accurate.

 Need equipment? We still have lots of honey supers and assembled frames with foundation.

MapQuest link for directions to A&Z Apiaries in Hampton CT is here  http://mapq.st/1eu3uFt     My address is 143 South Brook Rd, Hampton CT. Be careful, sometimes older GPS software will put you in Scotland, 5 miles from here. 

 Directions?   We are located at 143 South Brook RD, Hampton CT 06247.


If you have any questions you can always call me at 860-428-1731.


Contact us;

adam@azapiaries.com or call 860-455-1296,  860-428-1731.

Adam Fuller, A&Z Apiaries, 143 South Brook Rd, Hampton CT. 06247